Essential 14ct Clicker hoop 11mm

Did you know plated earrings are one of the most wasted jewelry items? Who can’t relate.. I’ve thrown many in the bin. Being of solid gold these will never discolor permanently so are an absolute essential to have in your jewelry collection. Also those hoops usually are super hard to put in right? Finding this miniscule tiny hole and having to manipulate the earring into it. No more of that with these clicker hoops! I can even put them in with one hand while in a hurry! These are absolute life savers in the morning. The hoops click super easy and i don’t have to be scared to loose them since they are very sturdy.

Mix and match with our earring pendants to create your earring party!

Solid 14ct yellow gold


Our hoops are sold per piece! If you want a pair add two pendants to your cart