Evie - 9ct Pearl trilogy

Meet Evie: Handcarved rings.. i can’t get enough of them! Why? Because these rings should be called golden art!! The carvings on this ring is impossible to make anymore and the goldsmith who made it in 1962 in London was a very skilled man. Awesome right?! Evie is made of 9ct yellow, solid gold and has 3 creamy white splitpearls on her which gives her the allure these beautiful carvings deserve!

We cleaned, polished and checked Evie so she can continue her story with her new lucky owner. When you buy Evie you get free shipment in the Netherlands with a Manadi original ringbox included. We accept returns within 14 days of purchase. For more information about returns please go to ‘returns and shipping’

9ct yellow gold

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All sizes inbetween 15,5 to 18,5

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